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Ruizhi Excellent Employee Award

May. 04, 2019

Chen Zhi Chao,joining Ruizhi Machinery in 2017, is the Current Head of Parts Quality Inspection Team.


Since entering the Ruizhi, he has been adhering to the profession, learning new concept and growing remarkably.


In April 2018, Chen Zhichao found that the material of RZ8-200C-02-03-05 worm gear parts can be changed from copper to nylon, which does not affect the use and can effectively reduce costs.


The proposal was discussed by R&D technology department and verified by production and market for one year.


In view of Chen Zhichao's positive rationalization proposals for the company, which can be translated into specific measures, has also been verified by the market, which has reduced the company's cost by nearly 60,000 yuan. We hereby commend him and award him a prize of 3000 yuan.


The development of the company needs Chen Zhichao's positive and innovative spirit. He calls on all employees to learn from him, actively find problems in their daily work, and put forward improvement plans to help the company grow bigger and stronger, and also to gain more achievements for themselves.

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